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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00 p.m. an explosion rocks a family's home injuring several people. rescuers are searching for clues. >> dangerously dry weather leaving many lawns dry and damaged. how to protect your yard and our next chance for rain and a gater removed from a family's backyard. where someone was keeping it as a pet. studios in boston, wb z news at 11:00 p.m. starts with developing news tonight. a powerful explosion leveling a home in connecticut. 7 people injured. including several children. emergency teams pulled four people from the debris in vernon. they have been rushed to the hospital. we also just learned a 7-year- old boy is in serious condition. two adults are in critical condition. the cause of the blast is under investigation. crews are on scene checking for
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construction worker in newton was injured after getting stuck in a mixer. firefighters tell us the worker slipped and his leg got twisted in the machine. they turned off the equipment when they heard screaming but it took rescuers two hours to free the man. he is recovering tonight in the hospital. the severe drought conditions gripping the state. the dry, brown lawns have homeowners wondering where the rain. if your lawn looks like that the news has not been very good. and tonight most of the state is considered to be in a severe drought. julie loncich is live in arlington. what do we do? >> reporter: well, i am saving that for the end. this year everyone's lawn gets a pass. okay? in everyone's yard you can hear
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good news and it will save you some time. >> reporter: h brown. burnt -- >> brown. burnt. >> reporter: everything in your yard has just about given up. but charles is still fighting. >> every day. >> reporter: every day. >> every day. >> reporter: losing battle? >> yes, i think so. >> reporter: he moved here two years ago jurist in time for conditions. >> extreme weather. record snow fall. and record drought. so -- but we are doing well. loving it. >> if you don't have sprinklers or regular watering you will be looking at brown, crispy grass. >> reporter: if you ask experts
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depressing, i know. here is the upside. experts say don't mow it. higher grass will help remain whatever moisture is left in the soil.if you have to replace what you have lost -- >> things that you wouldn't have throughout your garden. >> reporter: lavender and succulents or just hide the water bill from your wife. >> everythi green, the grass is greener on my side than my neighbor's. >> reporter: there are 140 water restrictions across the state of massachusetts. for a complete list head over to i have a better idea, it is something the nfl figured out a couple years ago.
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water it. it might cost you upfront but it will save you time in the end. julie loncich, wbz news. >> good enough for the brady bunch. thank you. when will it rain? the drought has been building for a long time. a lot of people planting things. just kind of falling apart. >> that was a change when we got the drought update this morning. a long term drought now. look at it, starting a lot of months below average precipitation and since may 14- inch deficit in boston. this year, 7 inches, 8 worcester. this is the worse since 2002 but it is just here at home. in 2002 it was more widespread across the northeast and mid- atlantic. so will we see the driest summer on record? first someplace 4 inches of
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>> thank you. big news tonight in the debate over body cameras in the boston police department. police commissioner evans says officers will wear the body cameras next month. louisa moller is live in boston tonight. this is not just about protecting lease police? >> reporter: that's right. community members are looking for protection too that say why some program, that commissioner evans hopes to unveil by september 1. >> reporter: that was the complaint at a meeting on a pilot program for body cameras in the boston police department. they made it clear, they want the technology that records police officers interactions with the public and they want
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there. >> questions like why is this volunteer, why do participants received a $500 stipend. >> the 100 officers in the program will be able to review their body camera footage before they write their police reports. >> sometimes in the heat of the event memory might get clouded. his memory and looking that video will get the best accurate picture. >> reporr: police, citing community input, research and union resistance as factor. >> i don't want to rush into it. i want to get it right. >> reporter: despite public comments like this -- >> all across the world black men are being shot and killed. >> reporter: commissioner evans says cameras won't build community trust but his officers will.
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hundred officers costing $5,000 will last six months and then the results will be reviewed before a final decision will be made to make body cameras permit. louisa moller, wbz news. tonight we know the victims of a terrible accident on 495 are a woman and two children. the woman is fighting for her life, the kids are seriously clipped by a tractor-trailer. it closed 495 for a short time. the backups lasted for hours. campaign 2016, donald trump taking center stage in new jersey trying to get his campaign and the republican party back on track. paula se live in the sat lithe center. >> reporter: -- satellite center. >> reporter: donald trump tried to shift the focus away from his troubles and back on to
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trying to shift the focus back to hillary clinton. >> you will have four more years of obama if you elect hillary clinton. >> reporter: donald trump has alienated some within his party for refusing to endorse john mccain as well as house speaker paul ryan. all who said trump was wrong to attack the family of a u.s. army captain killed in combat. >> i don't want to do this but i will do this because i feel republicans and our principals so that people don't make the mistake of thinking we think like that. >> reporter: hillary clinton toured a company that trains and hires apresentances and she slammed trump's plans on job creation. >> you need to be judged by what you have done and i think the evidence is clear, everything he made he made somewhere else. >> reporter: trump is losing
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in florida hillary clinton has a 6 point lead over donald trump. 11 point lead in pennsylvania. and 15 in new hampshire. they always expected the poll numbers to drop after the democratic national convention but they expect them to rise in the next week or two. paula ebben, wbz news. >> thank could have a major impact on a restaurant after an employee at centre street cafe posted videof a trump -- video of a trump rally. loyal customers met the criticism with praise and rallied to the restaurant's
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with this case it is out of this world. >> the owner hopes next time they are in the news for its food. not long ago it was. centre street cafe number 13 in boston magazine's of the top 50 restaurants. president obama is dismissing donald trump's remarks. the election is rigged. after meeting with leaders losing ground and air strikes killed top commanders in iraq and syria. >> we will keep working with partners, especially online to expose isil for what they are. murderers who kill innocent people. >> during the news conference he strongly denied the united states paid $400 million to iran for the release of four americans.
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without anyone noticing. new tonight at 11:00 p.m. a drug mystery tonight. police found $1.5 million worth of cocaine in an empty apartment. they found 60,000 in cash. now detectives are looking for who put it there. anyone with information is asked to call police. construction is now finally underway on the scene that is planned -- casino that is planned for everett. it will be on they hope to open in three years. researchers are leading the charge in the battle against the zika virus. the break through that could be more effective in protecting us. >> a giant pet pulled from a local backyard. where the owner was keeping the algater and a dangerous site caught on camera, where the severe weather is striking
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virus. people trying to protect people. boston researchers may have found the most effective way to stop the virus. a new vaccine showing positive results. wbz's katie brace is live tonight. the bad news, it could be years before it is ready? >> reporter: researchers here are on the front lines when it and they have a promising one with no side effects. >> we were able to make -- >> reporter: promise in the lab working researchers developed three experimental zika vaccines that proved successful in monkeys. >> in the vaccinated animals there was no sign. we were very excited about the results.
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>> that is a very optimistic finding. now they need to do the test in humans. >> reporter: he calls for government funding as fears grow, especially for pregnant women. they are at greatest risk because of birth defects. planes started spraying in miami where 15 people contanted the disease. there is controversy. >> the dose is so low and fine a mith impossible for any human to have any effect in the way they are spraying and the height. >> reporter: crews are ground spraying with concern of the zika virus continuing to spread, the focus is on a vaccine. >> these data show that there is optimism for the development of a zika vaccine for humans.
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to begin trials in humans this fall. this is not the only lab involved in trying to find a vaccine for zika. there are two other facilities that already started trials in humans as well. katie brace, wbz news. >> all right. thank you. this is something you don't see, wild life crews removing a six foot alligator, this is massachusetts. west springfield. it was being kept as a pet in the backyard because it weighed 180 pounds. the gater was taken to a zoo while officers figure out what to do with it. i think the zoo is a good spot. my kids would love to see that. >> absolutely. how do you keep that? [ talking at the same time ] >> try to pet it -- [ talking at the same time ] crazy picture to show you. didn't see it around here. >> a funnel cloud forming in
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nothing something i have seen before. >> outside of new orleans. we had storm damage. not sure if it is a funnel cloud. theres have been discussion online. they had a lot of wind damage. i don't see it rotating here but sometimes you get odd and frightening shapes in the skies when storms like that form. that is where the rain is along the gulf coast. look here. it is all sun sets, sunshine, just been quiet across england. this picture, beautiful evening out there on the cape and today's high in boston 82 degrees. which is where it should be for this time of the year. nowhere near record territory. tonight not as cool as the last couple. low 60s to 70s. mid-50s tomorrow morning. the city 65 degrees. another bright day, summer day, warm day. 80s by lunchtime.
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low tomorrow. won't feel muggy. a southwest breeze tomorrow. that will take the edge off of any heat. 90 degrees. friday. 7:58 p.m. tomorrow night. 88 boston. 91 lawrence. hottest temperatures towards the valley, this is where the drought has been at its worse. i looked across the last 90 days, northeastern massachusetts seen the least amount ofn rocky mountains. heading to the beach tomorrow, dry there, 88 degrees. water temperatures on the cool side. south shore 82 to 86. southeast breeze. more southwest towards the cape and the islands. coolest air here 76 to 81. and as the wind picks up the water will get chopper tomorrow. this is the front we are watching and this will be
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tomorrow night the clouds start to thicken. the humidity starts to come up. saturday morning we are looking at partly cloudy skies and morning showers. most of the showers and thunderstorms will be between noon and 6:00 p.m. right now that looks like the highest likelihood and a few thunderstorms could have damaging wind gusts and damaging rainfall. keep an eye to the skies. if you have plans have a place where you can run inside quickly. especially i up. >> no changes for the forecast. warm, muggy. most activity should be from noon onwords. sunday 85. low humidity too. saturday snapshot, 80s. partly sunny and tracking the thunderstorms and on sunday warm but the humidity is going to fall back and we will have a northwest breeze.
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saturday the one humid day and immediately that humidity falls out. very dry into next week. lakes for tomorrow, temperatures well up into the 80s. thunderstorms likely saturday. and then gusty, cooler on sunday. 70s. your 7 day, next week, drought weather continues. monday 85. sunny. tuesday 88. sunny. and wednesday a chance of storms and 91. heating up again. back to you. >> thank you. the patriots learning from each other in practice and a college football coach lets out his inner bill belichick. steve burton has it all next in
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bmw. test drive a bmw today at your massachusetts bmw center or visit us at >> week play their first pre-season game of the year against the saints. both bill belichick and saints head coach get along well. patriots back in pads today for a short practice on the field. jimmy garoppolo continued to work with his new offense while tom brady shared the reps with jimmy garoppolo. the two units get plenty of motivation from each other.
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competition is one of the best i have seen in a long time. >> we want to do our job and get to the football. the defense is taking the ball away, working together, working with the corners, linebackers. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> great. always great to have a great group of guys. we work hard and learn from each other. we are growing and getter >> nick seiben is one of the most decorated college football coaches in the nation. he is a friend and former assistant of bill belichick. when asked about one of his former players transferring -- >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i already talked about that. do you want me to do a belichick on you?
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>> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i already answered it. nothing has changed. so now you are asking me a hypothetical question. what if. i got enough issues and problems without any what ifs. we just had a media person who said never answer a what if. so do i need to do a media thing with you guys not to ask what ifs? [ laughter ] >> 5 walks but none scored so far. sox led three runners on base. solo home run. red sox lead 2-0 in the 5th inning. the revs sent charlie to the philadelphia union for money and first and third round picks in the 2013 mls draft. this weekend, new hampshire
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and treated for soft tissue cancer in the spring. good luck to him. baby giraffe back at home tonight after a health scare and next at 11:00 p.m. how you can help the zoo choose
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a baby giraffe that zoo is feeling better. she back with her mom and now she needs a name. >> so cute. she came down with pneumonia after she was born. she is all better now and back home next to her mom.
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contest to name her. the options are asha, which means hope or meaning strength. to vote go to our website >> the one from toys r us, jeffrey? up next eric couple dates
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people are hanging on the forecast for the weekend. >> watching showers showers and storms. highest chance noon to 6:00 p.m. on saturday. only chance for rain here. as long as we get past that we are off to the races with sunshine again. >> the showers could go around and move -- >> the weather team -- [ talking at the same time ] nice bubble protecting all of us on the course --
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>> also true. >> thank you for joining us. >> have a good night. >> stephen: hey there. i'm here with jon and the o'jay (cheers and applause) thanks for being here, guys! thank you so much! we were just talking about we're going to do on our summer break which is coming up soon. >> jon: yes, indeed. >> stephen: so i was concerned when i saw that, according to the "washington post," there is no song of the summer this year. not cool, music. people need a jam for when they're cruising in their car to the malt shop to meet debbie. >> jon: yes! >> stephen: that's what i'm talking about. so we here at the late show have made the song of the summer.


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